Monday, August 13, 2012

List of Foolish Persons: Martin Amis

"I like the idea of coming up with a society that is a little better than this—a gradualist, ameliorist spirit getting something a little fairer and a little more compassionate than most governments we’ve seen. But the idea of a Utopia has always been completely repulsive to me. [...] What would one do in a Utopia? And, certainly, what would one write about? It’s rebarbarative, the idea of everyone being happy and equal. Because it takes no account of human nature. [...] Who would want the socialist Utopia? Especially if you were at all artistic—you want all those inequalities, because that’s what makes life interesting." 1
My art is more important than your equality. Capitalist naturalism and the aestheticization of poverty. A perfect new addition to the culture of Bourgeois Brooklyn!


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