Monday, September 3, 2012

Portraits from the Austrian avant-garde of the 60s and 70s

Peter Handke in the 1970s
Feminine "Sponti" disrupts the "Internationale Literaturforum" in Frankfurt am Main, 1967. Erich Fried on the left, Handke unimpressed at the microphone, H.C. Artmann above him
H.C. Artmann plays the "Armer Poet"
Gerald Bisinger, H.C. Artmann, and Gert Jonke in Berlin, 1970
Barbara Frischmuth, Gert Jonke, Klaus Hoffer at the "Frankfurter Buchmesse" in 1969
Gert Jonke
Jonke again
Ingeborg Bachmann in the kitchen of her Rome apartment, 1968
Konrad Bayer at the Gruppe 47 meeting in Saulgau, Germany in 1963, a year before his death
Wolfgang Bauer
Michael Scharang
The floorplans for possible uses of the Forum Stadtpark in Graz
Hubert Fabian Kulterer, publisher, academic, writer and actionist, the inspiration for Thomas Bernhard's short story "Der Kulterer"
The Vienna avant-garde in 1966: (L to R) Oswald Wiener, Dominik Steiger, Hermann Nitsch, Ingrid Wiener, Gerhard Rühm, Reinhard Priessnitz
"7 students play african-american music" in the "adebar" in Vienna, 1954. On trumpet: a young Oswald Wiener
Oswald Wiener in the 1960s

All images from Österreichische Literatur seit 1945: eine Annäherung in Bildern (Reclam, 2000)

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