Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Rote Blumen (1983)

>>>Fit & Limo - Rote Blumen CS (1983) @ Tape Attack

This tape seems like the next step onwards from the wonderful Im Blickpunkt side of a split tape with Stratis which Mutant Sounds posted ages ago. A few of the same tracks are reproduced here, along with a couple newer versions of same or similar songs. This is the pure Küchenpop sound, the result of F&L's induction into the world of DIY recordings direct from the 70s German hippy milieu — by which I mean that they were influenced only by the positivity and self-empowered ethos of the European punk movement, without picking up any trace of the alienated negativity or politically-conscious protest spirit. F&L are one of the only examples I know of the Überleben of a 70s psychedelic orientation within the cultural milieu of 80s DIY, electronically enhanced, lo-fi new wave. These songs thrive as unironic, homemade syntheses of adventurous sonic experimentalism and heartfelt pop instincts.
This tape was self-released on F&L's own Servil label. I would love to hear more of the label's offerings, especially the s/t The Lie tape, as well as the early Pure Luege material. Do get in touch if you have access to such gems.

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