Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hiller gegen Hegel, addendum

Zizek recently in the Guardian:
"Politics," he reflects, "has always been shitty. It is something I am involved in often against my will. My first interest is theory. I am a Hegelian looking for facts to fit the theory."
The cruelest satirist could not have put it better. Hiller's anti-Hegelianism represents the reaction against exactly this sort of political detachment, which is only the after-effect of an intellectualized detachment from the real world into the world of theory (Zizek even admits that he privileges the theory before the fact, a completely irresponsible and untenable position only accepted by cynical academics and those poor souls they mislead). It is deplorable that this approach continues to exert influence in philosophical circles today, almost two centuries after the fact.
 "My thinking moves so quickly how could it not be full of contradictions?"
We turn to Wittgenstein in Culture and Value: "This is how philosophers should greet each other: 'Take your time!'"

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